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What do you call a band where the two singers/songwriters come from very diverse backgrounds? One, a former New York model was working the late-night city music scene, writing and recording with "the B-52's" and doing soundtracks for movies, including a Stephen King film. The other? Would you believe a full-time Presbyterian minister? The resulting band is Reckless and Wild, tying Reckless Ray "The Rev" Roberts to his foil, Johnny Wild Coté. Together this duo is out to make rock history by creating genre-fluid music!

Band members


John Coté - Songwriter, guitars, keyboards


Ray Roberts - Songwriter, guitars, keyboards

Reckless and wild just released their new album, at the movies! enter their theater of sound - grab a ticket, choose a genre, and enjoy the ride!

FINAL ATM COVER - formatted for CD.png
All track are fcc friendly
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